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When Machines Learn To Draw The Inception of Writing

July 19, 2015

This was the best art installation I’ve seen in ages, only it wasn’t an art installation but an architecture graduate student’s thesis presentation. I don’t normally post photographs taken on devices other than my camera, and these certainly don’t do the project justice, but I’m posting these because I want to capture at least a fraction of how cool it was.

The project, Click Space by Jonah Ross-Marrs, dissects and reconfigures the steps that occur from the moment someone clicks “print” on their computer to the moment lines are printed on paper. Rudimentary printing machines were assembled from digital and analogue machine parts, and computer code was written not only to print the images of iconic works of architecture, but to break them down and offset them in different ways. This was a project about architectural
representation—drawing conventions and how they are used to design and communicate architecture.

I thought this was a wonderfully non-prescriptive investigation, even while much of the project was about script-writing and coding. The result of this thoughtful exploration were beautifully haunting images: drawings broken down to their most basic lines reminiscent of archaic glyphs. It was hard not to personify the crude printing machines that were seemingly writing in some form of ancient alphabet, as though they were eerily recreating the initial moments of human writing.

Leslie Spit Detritus Art

July 5, 2015

This sculpture, created equal parts by dump truck and happenstance, is to be found on the southern shore of Tommy Thompson Park. Leslie Spit, as it’s commonly called, is a man-made headland protruding into Lake Ontario from the city of Toronto. Meanwhile, across the western world, some fancying themselves artists are painstakingly and deliberately attempting to create works such as this.

Alternative Figures | Mariusz Drzewiński

December 28, 2014

Another geometry-based piece by Lublin artist Mariusz Drzewiński. The camera and the computer don’t do his works justice, and don’t convey how hypnotic and meditative they are.



Green | Cafe Teatralna

December 28, 2014

Which came first: the building, the umbrella, or the paint swatch?



December 28, 2014

Just off Lublin’s old town square, I found this little corner balcony, supported with much determination.


Sator Rotas | Mariusz Drzewiński

December 28, 2014

I don’t know the artist’s intent behind this painting, but based on the title, it seems to be a visual interpretation of Sator Square, a Latin word square that contains a palindrome.


Door Detail

December 27, 2014

Detail on the doors of the newly renovated buildings on Próżna Street. Likely this was added as part of the renovation, but for a moment I wondered if this small detail really survived all these decades, hidden behind the boarded up entrances.