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Alternative Figures | Mariusz Drzewiński

December 28, 2014

Another geometry-based piece by Lublin artist Mariusz Drzewiński. The camera and the computer don’t do his works justice, and don’t convey how hypnotic and meditative they are.



Green | Cafe Teatralna

December 28, 2014

Which came first: the building, the umbrella, or the paint swatch?



December 28, 2014

Just off Lublin’s old town square, I found this little corner balcony, supported with much determination.


Sator Rotas | Mariusz Drzewiński

December 28, 2014

I don’t know the artist’s intent behind this painting, but based on the title, it seems to be a visual interpretation of Sator Square, a Latin word square that contains a palindrome.


Door Detail

December 27, 2014

Detail on the doors of the newly renovated buildings on Próżna Street. Likely this was added as part of the renovation, but for a moment I wondered if this small detail really survived all these decades, hidden behind the boarded up entrances.


Architecture Goulash

December 27, 2014

This is the type of urban mishmash still commonly found today: pre-WWI brick factory or warehouse buildings, 1990s chunky highrises (I always thought of that building as some sort of neo-brutalist block that somehow never seems to get dirty, instead gleaming brightly against the skyline year after year), and lighter glass architecture from the 2000s, all with more construction on the go.


Warsaw Stencil Art | Layers

December 27, 2014

I originally took this for the same reason we often take photographs: because I thought it looked “cool”. In trying to write this post, I realised I could mention the 1944 Warsaw Uprising, the Polish resistance, Polish resistance faction groups, right-wing groups, WWII Polish resistance groups being appropriated by present-day right-wing groups and, possibly, ironic commmentary on all of the above by way of the drug reference.

I think it’s easier to stick to “it looks kind of cool”.