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Abstract Ice on the Beach

February 25, 2012

I was absolutely mesmerized by the patterns and shapes of the ice interlaced between the rocks on the beach, and by the way the sun caught the textured ice. (I was so engrossed in taking photos that I didn’t hear my partner yelling at our dog because it was rolling in a dead fish.)

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  1. February 25, 2012 1:23 pm

    Beautiful shots!

  2. February 27, 2012 7:01 am

    Really great shots! I love seeing art in nature and you captured it beautifully.

  3. March 3, 2012 6:41 pm

    I see we are of one mind – as we like to wander the shore with our camera.

    • March 7, 2012 7:39 pm

      Yes, and you’re lucky to be in the Okanagan/ interior area with some very amazing beaches and scenery! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. May 8, 2012 12:46 pm

    I really like the abstract quality of 1 and 4. Number 4 is a splendid composition and colour range.

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